DJ Brent Silby aka “Maestro B”

Maestro B (aka Brent Silby) is a DJ / Producer based in Christchurch City, New Zealand. He is currently one of 3 resident DJs at Mashina Night Club located at the Christchurch Casino. Brent also performs regularly at club nights and raves, and produces a weekly mixshow for dance music station 105.7 PulzarFM.


With a DJ’ing history that spans back to the 1980s, Brent has performed in most of Christchurch city’s historic venues including legendary clubs such as Xanadu and The Palladium. During the 1990s and early 2000s, Brent held residencies at many venues. Some of the key venues include: Flappers Nitespot, The Chancery, The Palladium Nightclub, Sneakers, and The Carlton.


Through the mid 2000s, Brent performed primarily at raves and other such dance parties under his alias "Maestro B'. It was during this time that Brent launched (with a group of new young DJs) his Audiodreams brand.


Maestro B studio mixsets have a reputation for taking audiences on well planned journeys including tunes from a range of house genres. With an ear for harmonic mixing, tracks are carefully selected to ensure compatible key progressions, resulting in suites of music that entice people effortlessly into the mix.


In 2012, Brent founded the New Zealand DJ Association. This association primarily exists within a Facebook group and includes DJs from around New Zealand.


Brent’s recent focus has been on the production of remixes and mashups for use in his own live shows. The are being made available on his website.


Current projects
1. Production of remixes and original tracks;
2. Production of studio mixsets
3. Developing the NZ DJ Association.

(c) BRENT SILBY 2014